Relocating for Work? We Can Help

Don’t let logistics stand in the way of your career. If you’re planning to relocate for work and need special consideration with closing cost credits from your employer, we’re here to help. We’ll work on your timeline, taking care of all the details and ensuring a smooth transition from old home to new. 

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How It Works

Our dedicated relocation team focuses on special situations like yours. We will coordinate every detail so you can focus on getting started on your new job. With in-house underwriting, documents and funding, we can ensure an on-time closing every time.

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Your Local Lender

Directors Mortgage likes to do things a little differently. Rather than casting a net over the entire country, our Mortgage Specialists focus on their local communities. We’re always focused on you—whether it’s a late-night email or an in-person meeting, we’ll answer all your questions and listen to your concerns, ensuring that we meet your needs and get your loan closed according to your schedule.

How we can help: 

  • Individual Consultation: Together, we’ll go through a relocation needs assessment as a first step. This allows us to build your mortgage on a foundation of mutual understanding.
  • Peace of Mind: We’ll make sure you get pre-approved before you move. 
  • Working Within the Guidelines: Our attentive, skilled Relocation Team will take note of your relocation deadlines, turning your schedule into our schedule. 
  • Understanding Your Options: Unlike most big banks, we carefully customize mortgages for each individual’s needs rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach. 
  • Direct Billing: Your reimbursable relocation costs and bill are sent directly to your employer immediately after closing. You’ll get to focus on settling into your new house instead of worrying about paperwork.
  • Subsidy Administration: We support mortgage subsidy programs across all our home loan options.

Direct Advantage Pre-Approval

The process of securing a home loan is not without its surprises, but Directors Mortgage is committed to making your relocation as stress-free as possible. Our Direct Advantage Pre-Approval program provides extra peace of mind. If we issue a Direct Advantage Pre-Approval Letter and cannot close the loan due to financing complications, we will refund 100% of your earnest money up to $5,000.

Your offer, accompanied by our Direct Advantage pre-approval letter, will give your Realtor the ability to truly represent you from a position of strength, backed by a local company with a 20-year track record.


Meet the Relocation Team

Our Relocation Team has been carefully selected for their expertise and broad knowledge of home loans. Your relocation-focused Mortgage Specialist will take a detail-oriented approach to finding just the right loan product for your unique circumstances. We’ll make sure everything is on track throughout the entire mortgage process so you can stay focused on your career and family.

Mark J. Hanna

President & CEO

NMLS - 91462 |

Licensed in Oregon & Washington


Michelle Nielsen

Sr. Mortgage Specialist

NMLS - 1426379 |

Licensed in Arizona, California, Oregon & Washington


503.636.6000 ext. 1225

Steven Seim

Manager/Sr. Mortgage Specialist

NMLS - 121810

Licensed in Oregon & Washington


503.636.6000 ext. 1122

Mark Irwin

Sr. Mortgage Specialist

NMLS - 316203 |

Licensed in Oregon & Washington



Corporate Relocation Partnerships

We provide a comprehensive approach to corporate clients to ensure your relocating employees and transferees have a smooth homebuying experience while onboarding or relocating with your company. To get the conversation started and receive a proposal from our relocation team, contact Nicole Prom.