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community history

Portland’s roots can be traced to its neighborhoods and surrounding communities. As each settlement or town was established, a Post Office would be built there and cancellation stamps were issued to identify the sending post office. For a few years, around the beginning of the 20th century, the sending and the receiving post offices would each stamp a cancellation or postmark on every piece of mail.

Most of these towns grew up along the streetcar and rail lines. Towns such as  Bull Run and Estacada were built so the workers who built and maintained the power generating facilities could live near the dams and power houses. Sellwood had a large blue-collar district; it was home to several mills and manufacturing plants as well as the Sellwood Car Barn where Portland’s Interurban Streetcars were housed and maintained.

The town of Multnomah in Portland’s Southwest Hills got its name from the Oregon Electric’s Multnomah Station which was built in 1907 at what is now 35th and Multnomah Boulevard. A post office opened in Multnomah in 1912. Other surrounding towns and neighborhoods in the Southwest Hills included Burlingame, Capitol Hill, Fulton Park and Hillsdale.

Portland’s Hollywood district started taking shape along Sandy Road around 1900. It was originally called Hollyrood. In 1926, after the Hollywood Theatre opened, the area was renamed Hollywood.

Agricultural enterprises were plentiful in Gresham. There were many berry growers, fruit and vegetable truck gardeners, nut farmers and nurserymen. There were dairymen and cattle ranchers as well. They utilized the streetcars and later freight trains to ship their goods and bring them their fertilizer, feed and supplies.

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