About Jake Jenkins

Sr. Mortgage Specialist Jake Jenkins has been working in the financial industry for more than a decade, with the last 5 years in mortgage lending. He has helped more than 500 families successfully purchase their dream homes or refinance their homes, often saving people thousands of dollars. Jake’s knowledge of the lending industry, including consumer and mortgage lending, allows him to provide as much information as possible so his clients can make educated decisions. “I want to help reduce stress by being proactive,” Jake says, “so I help my clients plan instead of reacting to various situations.  Not everyone has a perfect credit score, the market isn’t always perfect, and a mortgage is one of the biggest life decisions, this side of having kids!” That’s why Jake is committed to guiding each one of his clients strategically through the mortgage process, making sure he is accessible in case anyone has questions along the way.  
When not at the office, Jake, a native Oregonian, husband, and father of three, enjoys gardening, hiking in the mountains with his family, riding quads on the Oregon sand dunes, golfing, and archery hunting.
When you choose Jake Jenkins to work for you, you’ll be in good hands.  He’ll do everything he can to make the process easy to understand with excellent communication along the way, so you’ll know what your next step is including your loan status. So if you’re looking to buy a house, refinance, or know of someone who could use Jake’s help, call or text 541.912.5303 today.  

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