Hayley Cummings

Sr. Mortgage Specialist  |  NMLS - 306834

Licensed in Oregon & Washington

About Hayley Cummings

I am very warm, friendly and willing to help serve however l can. I’m a big communicator and happy to educate my clients throughout the process. When I help them buy a home or refinance, I realize this is one of the most important things they’ll ever do, and I take that seriously. I’m down to earth and family-oriented. I’ve been married for over 21 years to my wonderful husband and we have four awesome kids that I treasure.

I have been in the mortgage lending industry for over 15 years after working in the real estate business. I love the chance to overcome challenges and deliver something better and sooner than my client expects. I also love people, so with each new client, I see the opportunity to make a new friend that I hope will become a life-long relationship.

At Directors Mortgage, we are high energy and efficient! We have an incredible operations staff paired up with systems and tools that help streamline our process so we can efficiently get the job done.

Before I came to Directors Mortgage, l was convinced I offered my clients the best there was because I had lots of lending options and I was there to take the best care of their needs. Then l discovered the benefits Directors Mortgage had to offer me and my clients, and I realized there was more I could be doing for my clients through Directors Mortgage’s great staff and resources!

I know how important it is for families to have a home they love and can build memories in. I also know how important it is for families to be able to save money and have a budget that works and allows them to move forward with their life and family goals. I look forward to helping you and your family too.

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