Georgina Olsen

Reverse Mortgage Specialist  |  NMLS - 11910

Licensed in Oregon & Washington

About Georgina Olsen

Georgina has spent her life and career in the housing industry. For 17 years, she sold real estate around her hometown of Spokane. Over time, she found herself gravitating to lending, particularly for the ways in which mortgages complimented her problem solving abilities and passion for helping others. After helping her elderly mother attain a reverse mortgage, Georgina realized that she had found a niche in the market. She saw firsthand how a reverse mortgage can be a godsend for our seniors.

Today, Georgina is a Reverse Mortgage Specialist for the Spokane branch of Directors Mortgage, where she assists clients throughout the Northwest. As a Reverse Mortgage Specialist, Georgina offers precise and honest service. Considering her lifelong experience of living in the area and her background as a Realtor, she can step back and see the full picture of a transaction. Throughout, she upholds a high standard for openness and communication with her clients.

Elsewhere, Georgina maintains a terrific working relationship with her Realtors and professional contacts. Always looking to expand her network, she works to stay in touch with them throughout the year, no matter what.

For her winning service and expertise, Georgina has earned herself an outstanding reputation among a long list of Realtors, banks and credit unions throughout the Northwest, with the vast majority of her transactions coming from either repeat clients or professional referrals.

Outside of her career, Georgina can be found giving back to her community. Currently, she serves as the Events Director on the board for the Women’s Council of Realtors in Eastern Washington. On top of that, she is an active participant in the Spokane Mortgage Lending Association, which allows her to provide support to the hometown she loves. When she’s not helping clients or serving in her community, Georgina can be found tending to her garden or quilting.

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