Dawn Carter

Sr. Mortgage Specialist  |  NMLS - 127668

Licensed in Arizona, California, Oregon & Washington

About Dawn Carter

After earning a finance degree from the University of Oregon (GO DUCKS!), Dawn began serving clients and their mortgage needs in 1994. She’s been recognized as a top loan originator since 1995, showing her dedication and commitment to her clients.

As part of her commitment to clients, Dawn will answer questions, follow through on promises and work with clients to find the best loan program for their individual needs. She’s also passionate about keeping clients informed and staying connected. No matter when you need her, even on evenings and weekends, she’s available. She’ll even be there for you after your transaction closes so she can continue adding value to your life and be your mortgage resource for life!

According to Dawn, “my goal is that you will come away from working with me feeling knowledgeable and having a plan. You will be so happy with my knowledge and service that you will become a client of mine for life and feel inspired to recommend me to others.”

When she’s not at work, Dawn is dedicated to community involvement. She was a founding board member of the American Cancer Society of Portland, and she’s still involved with the organization as a member of the Board of Advisors. She also serves as a volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club and has worked with ESL & GED students as a tutor.

  • Painless Refi!! Being an engineer I appreciate a thorough, well documented process and that is what I got with Dawn. The process was super easy and I never felt like I didn’t know what was going on. The communication from her and her team was exemplary. She always... read more


    My Forever Mortgage Broker - Dawn Carter I bought my first house in Oregon 19 years ago. A week before I was supposed to close, the deal fell apart. Desperate to save the house, someone referred me to an up and coming, talented go-getter by the name of Dawn Carter. With absolute assurance and professionalism, Dawn was... read more

    John Parke

    Dawn Carter was excellent! Dawn did our refi and got us a 1.5 reduction in interest and the whole process was unexpectedly easy and realitively fast! I highly recommend Dawn Carter if you're looking to buy or do a refi in the Portland area.

    Kimberly Carson
  • The Best you will ever find I was referred to Dawn by a Realtor. I needed someone who could help me get a conventional Loan. I Was amazed at how fast and on top of every thing. she worked hard and is excellent with numbers and getting things to work in your favor. If you... read more


    Dawn: Comparable to a unicorn I’m not given enough characters to go a ton into detail as deserved. Dawn and her team are THE BOMB!
    In short: Here it is, my husband and I have had some challenging credit history issues making it impossible (it seemed) to get pre-approval/buy a home. We were told by...
    read more

    Annica Wilson

    Dawn and her team are quite simply amazing! She found the perfect loan for us, and we closed within 2 weeks. THANK YOU, DAWN!!

    Charles Wellman, Beaverton
  • Brilliant Broker, Exceptional Experience It was an absolute pleasure to have Dawn be our broker. My wife and I were first-time home buyers and had very little concept of how the process of buying a house played out in the background. Dawn walked us through every step of the process and helped us smooth... read more

    Caleb Timms

    Dawn will always be our Go-To lender Really loved working with Dawn and she made the process so easy. More importantly she made it clear that she really knew her stuff and cared that everything went smoothly for us. We just went through our second re-finance with her and when we are ready to move we will... read more


    Very postive experience My husband and I had a hands-down, very positive experience with Dawn and her crew. She was professional, efficient, upbeat and so responsive to our questions and needs throughout our loan process. We recommend her highly.

  • Great experience Dawn stuck with me over a year-plus housing search for my first home and was always extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend her and Directors.

    Marti Bolivar

    Dawn Carter and her team were the best ! Dawn Carter's experience and knowledge of the lending industry was obvious from the beginning. Although working from home during the Coronavirus shutdown, she was available anytime of the day or night. Dawn provided weekly progress reports without asking. When we went into contract the rates were 3.875%,... read more

    Dawn Carter and her

    Always looking out for her clients old and new Dawn contacted us regarding refinancing our home. She was great and locked in an awesome rate. She was by our side throughout the whole process and always made herself available day or night.

    Sharon Gwynn
  • The Absolute Best! We have worked with Dawn twice now, once to buy our home 3 years ago and once to refinance just recently; and both times she was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful and So Nice! We were first time home buyers, so we knew very little about the paperwork and what was... read more


    The Best Broker EVER! If you're unsure who to work with when it comes time to invest in a home, let me tell you - Dawn Carter is the choice to make. I started working with her three years ago and she stuck with me through all my wavering doubts. Her knowledge and... read more

    Erica A Compere

    Dawn really went beyond expectations I had some challenges come up from about a decade ago, and Dawn found a way to settle some things far beyond what I would have expected of any lender.

  • She's AMAZING!!! After the buyer on my properties lender fell through and disappeared, Dawn swooped in and got the deal going again! There is a reason why they call Dawn "the rescuer" and it's because she truly is! I would have lost the buy on my new home if this deal had... read more

    Danielle D.

    Great to work with! Dawn has been great to work with! She helped us get through the process of buying our house, and now, 3 years later, she checks in with us from time to time and keeps us updated on things that we need to know! We really appreciate it!!

    Lino A.

    Dawn Carter and her team are amazing! Dawn and her team made the refinance process a breeze. They were professional, efficient, and courteous. When I had questions, they were answered promptly, and if I needed to sign or provide a document they always were clear on what was needed and would kindly remind me if I... read more

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