Brian Spiller

Producing Branch Manager  |  NMLS - 1855405

Licensed in Arizona, Idaho, Oregon & Washington

About Brian Spiller

A longtime leader with a career history in finance and insurance. Brian enjoys using his considerable talents to help his clients feel empowered throughout the homebuying process. He particularly enjoys working with first-time homebuyers and others who desire more information and assistance on the home buying process. His goal is to leverage his knowledge and experience to help members of his community improve their lives and finances.

Brian grew up in Spokane, WA as a military brat whose father served his entire career in the armed forces. Brian was a multi-sport athlete and loved being involved in athletics. He has also coached youth sports and volunteered as an official for the Washington State Special Olympics basketball tournament.

When he’s not helping his clients or volunteering with youth sports activities, Brian enjoys biking, hiking, running, working out and playing sports. He’s also a proud family man who loves to spend time with his son. If you’re a fan of classic cars and trucks, you’ll love talking to Brian — he’s been a licensed 12V automotive technician, and he loves working on classic cars and trucks.

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Factors Affecting Home Loan Applications

  Buying a home is a significant investment and, for most people, the largest made in a lifetime. So, naturally, questions about financing will arise, and one of the most common is – how much can you afford to invest? The answer depends on each individual’s financial situation, which a lender measures during the first…

Consider Your Relocation Assistance Options

  There are numerous reasons for relocating to a new city. It could be a career opportunity, a significant life change, or simply the need for a new beginning. However, new job opportunities are the most common factor behind relocation moves, which can be professionally exciting and personally nerve-wracking all at once.   Whatever the…

Mortgage Rate Predictions for 2022

Mortgage Rate Predictions for 2022

The past couple of years has been nothing short of unpredictable, thanks to the effects of a global pandemic that persisted longer than most believed possible. Fortunately, as vaccinations continue and covid-related hospitalizations decline in most areas, life as we knew it before 2020 is slowly returning.  Unfortunately, the rebounding economy has been tainted by…

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