Who it's for:

  • Borrowers in the market for a home loan above the standard maximum limit

  • High-income borrowers with credit scores of at least 660

  • Borrowers who want a high loan amount with waived mortgage insurance

  • Borrowers with a 10% or 20% down payment

Loans specifically for our clients with a Mortgage Budget That Exceeds Conforming Loan Limits*

If you’re in the market for a home that requires a loan exceeding the standard conforming loan limit, don’t worry. We are experts in Jumbo financing. We have the relationships to offer jumbo loan programs for borrowers who want an amount above the standard maximum with in-house underwriting and funding.

How It Works:

We offer a variety of jumbo loans with low down payment, lower-than-average interest rates and a minimum credit score of 660.

*Conforming loan limits are between $484,350 - $726,525 as of 2019. This number changes each year, and specific limits vary by region. Call your local Directors Mortgage branch to learn more about current jumbo loan limits and discuss whether this is the right product for you.