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Why we exist?

DMCares stands behind three keywords; 'Health. Education. Activity.' But we don't just say these words, we truly believe and act on them. It's why we exist.

DMCares ultimate goal is to inspire reciprocation in our communities. Our efforts to help raise awareness, create new opportunities and unite good people make a positive difference to someone, somewhere


What is #DirectKindess?

Through our DMCares platform, we've created a year long volunteer campaign called #DirectKindness. The idea is every action leads to a greater good. Something as small as picking up trash on your street, helping your neighbor with yard work or volunteering at the food bank will inspire others to follow. We have written countless check, filled dozen of tables at auctions, donations some amazing items and experience. This year we want to focus on you (our team members) and our communities. Now it's time to get your hands dirty and bring change to your community through volunteerism.

This campaign is more than small gestures; it's about bringing action to your neighborhood. Throughout the year, out team will be visiting different regions of Washington and Oregon to participate in volunteer projects to address issues that affect each area. This will give our employees the opportunity to get out in the communities where they live, work and play to provide local hands on support to make a difference.


What it means to our community?

We don't just pick projects that will get us the most exposure; we pick projects that will make the greatest impact to the local residents. Our team members identify community issues that greatly affect the residents so we can make the biggest impact through our volunteer hours. While it makes sense for us to focus on housing related issues, we want to provide the most support on the biggest problems.

Over the course of this campaign, DM employees will have ample opportunities to get out in the communities where they live, work and play; to provide local hands on support to make a difference.

Below is an upcoming list of volunteer events we have planned for our team. We hope you can join to make a difference in our communities!