Who it's for:

  • For the buyer who wants specific things in a home that are not available in anything you have found so far. 
  • For the buyer who owns a lot and wants to build on it. 
  • For the buyer who wants to purchase a lot and and build a custom home all at one time using one simple loan, without having to refinance when the construction is complet e.

Loans specifically for NEW CONSTRUCTION

If you have looked at every possible website, went on every Sunday open house tour, and still cant find the home that works for you. Its time to consider building your own home. Its not as scary as you may think. Your Mortgage Specialist is an expert with our construction products and understand and can help you through the process.

How It Works:

You find the lot, find or design the plans of your dream home, select a builder, then work out the construction plan and phases. Once construction starts draws on your loan will be paid to the builder. At the end you have a great long term loan.