It’s that time of year… the tax bills are hitting your mailbox.

The good news is, these taxes are tax deductible on your federal tax return so keep the statement to give to your CPA next year.

If you’ve received a YELLOW bill, that means the county knows you are not in charge of paying it; no action is needed on your part.

If you’ve received a GREEN bill, that means the county thinks you are in charge of paying it.

Did you get a green bill but have an escrow account?

If your loan closed in the last month it is very likely that the county just didn’t get the message in time.

If you closed in September with a first mortgage payment of November, then the escrow company will be paying your bill and you will get the 3% discount.

If you closed earlier than September but believe your taxes are included in your payment (check your mortgage statement for money collected in an escrow account), then call the servicer of your mortgage and make sure they got the bill.  Write down who you talked to and when right on the bill. 

If you got the green bill because you are in charge if you pay by the 15th you will get a 3% discount.