Recognizing Hometown Heroes with the Portland Trail Blazers

The world is full of heroes, healing us, protecting us, inspiring us to do more. They come in many forms, showing up to do what’s right, bravely making an impact in their own communities and in the world at large. Whether it’s a healthcare worker on the frontlines of COVID, a member of our armed services serving abroad, or a community volunteer taking care of their neighbors, heroes selflessly put the needs of others first to serve the greater good. 

Heroes don’t often ask for recognition, but we at Directors Mortgage believe it’s never been more important to celebrate and amplify the work and accomplishments of these vital members of our community. That’s why we’re proud to announce our partnership with the Portland Trail Blazers to give our Hometown Heroes the recognition they deserve. 

“While COVID has paused parts of our daily lives, there are amazing people doing great things to keep our community strong. We are honored to be partnering with the Blazers to recognize our Hometown Heroes throughout the local communities in which we serve.” – Mark Hanna, Directors Mortgage President & CEO

During every Blazers home game, a Hometown Hero nominated by their community will be recognized for their impact in a video highlighting their work. Directors Mortgage will also show our appreciation with a special prize package for each hero — a small token of our appreciation for their contributions.

Supporting the community is one of our core values at Directors Mortgage. Our goal is to show support in a variety of ways for a range of organizations and individuals. This partnership with the Blazers’ Hometown Heroes initiative will help us not only champion those who serve but encourage civic engagement from the Portland community and beyond.

Do you know a Hero who should be recognized for their contributions? Visit today and tell us about someone in your life who goes the extra mile to serve their community. Get specific! Tell a story or two that paints a picture of your Hero’s accomplishments. And who knows? Maybe you’ll see them recognized as a Hometown Hero at the next Blazers home game! 

Click below to submit your nomination and give them the recognition they serve.\

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