New Jumbo Loan

We are excited to announce a new Jumbo Loan program that allows more families the opportunity to qualify. If you’re in the market for a home that requires a loan exceeding the standard limit of $453,100, don’t worry we are experts in Jumbo financing.

Here are some highlights and a comparison against our current program:

  • Occupancy: Primary, 2nd Homes & Investment properties allowed
    • LTV restrictions apply
  • Gift Funds allowed
    • 5% of own funds must be contributed from clients’ accounts
  • Cashout up to $250,000
  • In-House Market Appraisals allowed
    • CDA required in addition to appraisal
  • Scores down to 680
  • High Balance Loans Allowed
    • Loan Amounts $453,101-$1,500,000
  • First Time Home Buyers Allowed
  • Paying off Debt to Qualify is allowed

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