In her recent TED Talk, designer Ingrid Fetell Lee reveals evidence that people working in colorful offices are “more joyful and alert, friendlier and more confident” than those who work in drab ones. 

She says that spaces with bright splashes of color give us a sense of abundance and elevation. 

This got us thinking about our homes—not just the office. 

The evidence is growing that our surroundings can support a general sense of wellbeing, making it easier to focus on creativity, relaxation, and healthy behaviors like exercise and personal relationships. 

In the stress of busy schedules and a hectic lifestyle, it’s often easy to overlook the importance of color and light as ways to elevate our mood and foster creative thinking. Of course, this isn’t new information! The traditional Chinese practice of feng shui teaches the use of color and clear spaces to create a natural sense of “flow and abundance.” It’s interesting that modern science is picking up these themes and providing evidence that physical surroundings can be an important part of joyful living. 

It might not be easy to paint the interior of your entire home or replace all of your furniture, but here’s what one designer suggests: 

  1. Pick up a couple of interior design magazine and flip through, noticing what catches your eye
  2. If you see a living room setting, for example, that feels wonderful, focus on the small details that caught your attention—maybe a colorful pillow or vase, perhaps the open, uncluttered space or the area rug
  3. Select two rooms in your home and make a small improvement in each of them using the ideas you gained for inspiration

She went on to say that it usually only requires one small upgrade in a room to make it feel noticeably better, and these improvements usually spark the imagination for other simple ways to bring more joy into the physical spaces of our homes. 

We are inspired to do a few easy things around the home and office just as an experiment to test this idea. How about you? 

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