Direct advantage pre-approval letter

Gain an upper hand with the Directors Mortgage Advantage Letter

At Directors Mortgage, we offer peace of mind with a $5,000 earnest money guarantee when you take the time to meet with one of our professionals and we issue a Direct Advantage Preapproval Letter.

Will your EXISTING preapproval letter protect both you and the seller in your transaction? Why is this important?

  • In this competitive market time is money. Our Direct Advantage Preapproval Letter will provide you the peace of mind to shop with confidence. Your earnest money is protected and so is the sellers time!
  • Your offer, accompanied by our Direct Advantage Preapproval letter, will give your agent the ability to truly represent you from a position of strength, backed by a local company with a 20 year track record. This track record ensures local decisions, responsive support and deadlines that are met.
  • No more waiting on hold. No more wondering where you stand. With the Direct Advantage Preapproval Letter you are in control and backed by a name that is respected and represents trust and results.

How does the guarantee really work?

The guarantee is very simple. If we issue a Direct Advantage Preapproval Letter and cannot close the loan due to financing complications, we will refund 100% of the earnest money up to $5000.


  • Unexpected Changes to Credit
  • Unforeseen Job Termination
  • Appraisal that does not make value and parties are not able to come to terms
  • Unexpected judgements that may arise

In the case the earnest money has been transferred to the seller, then we reimburse the BUYER. In the case the earnest money has not been released then we reimburse the SELLER for their lost time off the market.

So ask yourself…… does my pre-qualification letter stand out from the rest?

Set your offer apart from your competition with a customized Direct Advantage Preapproval Letter. Contact a local Directors professional today.

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No disbursements of Directors Mortgage financing guarantee sums will be made until the earnest money is disbursed from escrow and escrow is closed. If the buyer receives the earnest money, Directors Mortgage guarantees funds are paid to the seller. If the seller keeps the earnest money, Directors Mortgage financing sums are paid to the buyer. The Direct Advantage Preapproval Letter is based on information received from the borrower; it should not be construed as a formal loan approval; nor does the letter acknowledge a full commitment to lend by Directors Mortgage. Final Loan approval is contingent upon verification of all information provided including a satisfactory property appraisal, and an acceptable and marketable preliminary title report. Qualified borrowers only. Pre-approval expires 60 days from the date of the letter unless updated client information is received. Annual Percentage Rate (“APR”) will be disclosed when the loan application is complete.